The history of media facades and their imaging elements

After developing a camera tracked pong clone for a 6 m tall media wall for the Media Architecture Biennale 2010 and deciding to create an interactive prototype content for a media facade for  my diploma project, I also had the opportunity to write a term paper about media facades. I researched the history of media facades and analyzed the ways media facades are used. Moreover I had an in depth look at the various technologies that are used to form the imaging elements of facades. I also present other technologies found in interactive art installations, that could be applied to media facades, as well as my original ideas for completely new media facade pixels, that could change the image of media facades as we know them. Unfortunately this paper can be downloaded in German only. But I think you can find lots inspiration by looking at the collected projects or using your preferred online translator. You can download the paper following this link.

Dell XPS 15 Review

Unfortunately my last laptop a LG P300 died. I was really happy with the machine, it was really lightweight (1.6 kg) and had enough performance (Nvidia 8600 GS graphics chip and a Core 2 Duo CPU). I read news that some of the mobile Nvidia 8x series had faults and died soon when getting hot. Well 2.5 yeas later  the graphics chip started to cause blue screens followed by funky lines on the screen during the next boot. In November I could not even boot into Windows, because as soon as the Nvidia driver loaded i got a blue screen.

I needed a replacement. Unfortunately there is no 13 inch successor for the P300. There is the Acer Aspire TimelineX 3820TG but it has no fast connectivity ports like USB 3.0, eSata or a PCI Express Slot. Continue reading ‘Dell XPS 15 Review’

JavaScript Physics Library

In winter 2008 I developed a JavaScript physics library for my Professor Peter Purgathofer at HCI group of the Institute for Design and Assessment of Technology of the University of Technology Vienna. He imagined a testing environment for user interface designs with physical aspects, which could be used in websites without any proprietary browser plugins. One of his specifications was that elements could be stacked on top of each other.

You can see the library in action in my WordPress theme Physical, which i have created for my portfolio. Most of the code was written by me or by following some physics articles and papers. The resolution of contacts and collisions in real-time in a system of stacking objects is very complex and an area of on-going academic research. Thanks to Erin Catto of box2D for his notes and code samples about his sequential impulses algorithm. Credits for the line drawing algorithm go to Mathieu Henri from, who had the same Idea like I did, just seven years before me. I modified his implementation. Continue reading ‘JavaScript Physics Library’

Short Story rEV.E/2

In 2004 I wrote a short story for a 3D animation, that since then I always wanted to realize but lacked the time and resources. Though there is no video, I think it fits best in this category.

Main Characters:

Dr. Sara Bright and Dr. Ian Summers:

They form the leading research team in the run for the first artificial life forms, similar to humans. Sharing the same passion for their work led to an intense relationship between them. Sara and Ian have been a perfect couple for several years now which, besides their capability, is perhaps another reason why they succeed in their research.

Sara is a 30-year-old neurotechnology specialist and she also knows her way around in informatics and biology. Sara is known worldwide for her key success in establishing the first data connection between a computer and the human brain, utilizing the neurosynaptic interface she developed. She is Continue reading ‘Short Story rEV.E/2′

ÖOG Website

In the summer of 2009 I worked for four months for the information design agency They specialize in design solutions that follow the guidelines of the Web Accessibility Initiative. In the three months I adapted the Magento PHP ecommerce solution for them to be as accessible as possible for people with disabilities, which meant changing the design as well as hacking the really complex PHP code. In February 2010 Continue reading ‘ÖOG Website’

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wander- stein

For the final project of my “Interactive Arts” Class in winter 2006 we had to build a prototype that is less virtual and more physical. Inspired by some pictures of wandering stones in the Death Valley and fascinated by the thought that even inanimate things leave their marks on earth, I came up with the following concept. The setup of the real installation would be a large white room, with this big monolithic black stone in it. On the surface of the stone is Continue reading ‘wander- stein’

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charakter linien

For the “Interactive Art” class that I attended in winter 2006 I developed this prototype for an interactive installation. I wanted to make a statement that is critical about our society. With everyone still influenced by the fear of terror I decided to visualize an immaterial object:  a character trait. The installation setup consists of a table with a LCD projector that projects onto its surface from above, a camera that films the table and a computer terminal with a printer.   Continue reading ‘charakter linien’

charakter linien
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campus battle

Campus battle is a fictional  interactive game that I created with friends for a university subject in winter 2006. It’s a team and community oriented game that bases on the Citybike project that already exists in vienna. Citybikes can be rented (free for one hour) with your ATM card from terminals distributed throughout the city. Students in vienna battle in the game for the honor of their universities in groups of 3 to 5. Points are gained by every Continue reading ‘campus battle’

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